Aspects for Consideration in Change Implementation Sample

Aspects for Consideration in Change Implementation Sample

Aspects for Consideration in Change Implementation

The proposed change should significantly impact patients’ health outcomes and satisfaction. It should also benefit the healthcare team and improve the overall hospital performance. After discussing the implementation of the evidence-based change proposal with my preceptor, I came up with three aspects that need consideration. These aspects include financial aspects, quality, and clinical aspects. The project aims to reduce violence in the workplace, educate staff and patient families, and prevent using psychiatric hospitals as a revolving door.

The considered financial aspect is the economic impact of implementing the change proposal. The project is expected to reduce healthcare costs since one objective of nursing practice is to reduce medical costs while increasing the quality of services provided. Implementation of the project is likely to lead to cost-saving in terms of the materials and types of equipment purchased to aid in successful evidence-based change implementation (Li et al., 2018).

In quality consideration, the evidence-based change project should contribute to improved patient outcomes in terms of increasing patients’ safety, increasing the rate of patient recovery and discharge, and decreasing patients’ hospital readmissions (Kilbourne et al., 2018). According to the proposed change project, its implementation will increase the quality of life and care by improving patients’ safety to prevent violence. The project will also increase clinical staff competency, leading to increased patient quality of care. Competent patients care will also lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced readmissions.

The clinical aspect considered in the change implementation is healthcare staff availability, competency, and knowledge. The staff should be available to contribute to the successful implementation of the evidence-based change. Their competency and knowledge will also lead to successful change implementation and sustainability. The proposed change will affect the clinical aspect by increasing the care knowledge of the staff by educating them in the modern ways of providing care. Their advanced knowledge will contribute to improved patient health outcomes.


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