Complete an annotated bibliography with 3 to 5 references.

Identifying and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics (graded, 25 points) Examine the survey results located in the Resources section of the Unit 6 Assignments page. Choose one of the items, determine the descriptive statistic that is reported, and indicate what it means. Identifying and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics: For example, “What is the highest level of education of this group?” (Please do not repeat the same topic as your classmates.) Identifying and Interpreting Inferential Statistics (graded, 25points) Discuss the importance of inferential statistics in research. How does it differ from descriptive statistics? Please give an example of inferential statistics and support your answer with current literature.
December 9, 2020
Write a brief summary of the research report, findings and Point at Issue, about 100 words
December 9, 2020

Complete an annotated bibliography with 3 to 5 references.

Annotated Bibliography Sample

Search for peer-reviewed articles related to an administrative health care issue. You must use the University of Phoenix Library to locate your articles.

Use the following keywords to help generate ideas for your search:

Patient scheduling
Patient safety
Readmission rates
Health care reform
Medicaid reimbursement
Complete an annotated bibliography with 3 to 5 references. These will be used in the Components of a Research Study paper due in Week Three. Each summary should be at least 5 sentences in length and should describe the studies’ key findings.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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