• To propose a future for a smart world environment that will help new researchers in the field gain knowledge and new directions.
  • To identify the most prominent technologies in India by highlighting future computing innovations, rising trends, and industry buzz


With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s becoming more important than ever to locate complementing future computer technologies. This article identifies the most significant technologies in India by highlighting future computing innovations, new trends, and industry hype. Local suppliers are entering the new technology sector, including domains such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning-based technologies, and robotic process automation solutions. The “Internet of Things” and its accompanying applications, as well as “Machine Learning,” are two technologies that are revolutionary in character and result in the construction of a new ecosystem. Technology that triggers innovation takes longer to get widespread commercial acceptance.

Commercial drones, Software Defined 5G adoption,  Edge Computing, Human Augmentation, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Serverless PaaS, Augmented Reality, Artificial General Intelligence Everywhere, Software Defined Security, Digital Twin,  Machine Learning, and other new technologies are being introduced these days. The Internet of Things is used by the majority of newly released technologies, while others combine two or more of the latest technologies to reap the benefits of each.

The article also discusses the hype cycle, which is a visual representation of a technology’s emergence, acceptance, development, and effect on applications. When shifting to digital enterprises, the view of technologies from the perspective of CIOs and senior IT professionals is taken into account. According to Gartner, these solutions will enable other augmented data discovery programs to improve on production data streams as well as data scientists to apply learned ideas directly in the IT and OT domains.

In this study, all of the future changing technologies that can contribute to making the planet smart are briefly discussed. This paper also outlines the most important trends and technologies in the building of a smart environment, which are fast changing our future and necessitate our attention and active engagement. The page also covers the Gartner Hype Cycle and lists on-the-edge and at-the-peak technologies. The length of time it takes for a technology to emerge/be adopted is also discussed. The main focus should be on those technologies that are at the pinnacle of overblown expectations.


  • With the integration of digitalization into a smart environment, many modern technologies are finding their way into our life, improving it.
  • Many people and devices will be interconnected in the near future. With even more connectivity with everyone, the universe will become a wonderful place to live.
  • The most essential future computing trends and technologies are thoroughly explored, which are fast changing our future and necessitate our attention and active engagement.
  • Transparently Immersive Experiences, Digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence Everywhere, and the Internet of Things are examples of technologies that have the potential to provide the majority of current trends and a modest advantage.
  • It also gives fresh paths to new researchers, with a particular focus on technologies that take 5-10 years to develop.

Worldview Consideration–Ethical or Legal Considerations

With the advancement of technology, it means that there will be more cyber-attacks. Sensitive information stored will be accessible with ease, thus compromising the privacy of an individual. Increased surveillance will negatively impact on people’s privacy, especially in their homes.

Worldview Consideration–Christian Worldview

This article highlights the changes that will occur to human beings as a result of the advancement of technology in the future. The author states that the limitations and capabilities of the human body will be boosted beyond the body’s range. This means that some alteration in human beings will be possible through technology, which is against the Christian view.


  1. Will people lose jobs as a result of advanced technology? I think jobs for people will be few because jobs like the military will be overtaken by the use of armed drones.
  2. What will the security situation be like in the future? The security will be tight because of the surveillance using drones.
  3. What will happen to the economy of the world? The economy of the world will be strong because, with the use of technology, people will lose their jobs to technology, and hence they will not be able to cope with the high standards of living.
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