Discuss Maslow’s theory and detail the criticisms that have been levelled against it.

What is the difference between ethnicity and nationality? How are these concepts understood in the United States? What is ethnocentrism?
August 14, 2019
Ethical Case Study Analysis Paper
August 14, 2019

Discuss Maslow’s theory and detail the criticisms that have been levelled against it.

Research Report

The final report on your topic will be written up as a seminar report. That written report should begin with the broad research topic which is followed by each individual component.

Organisation of the research report – a key ingredient to writing a successful report involves the planning or organising stage. Organising can help you to sort out your ideas and to present your report in the order that communicates best to your readers. Your essay is to be structured and written as a business report. It, therefore, must begin with a Management Summary within which you state in stark form (i.e. unsupported by argument) what you are asserting in this report and you must do that in less than two pages.

As already stated above, you begin the main body of the report with some general background on the broad research topic. This introduction should end with a brief paragraph outlining the plan of the rest of the essay What follows is the specific issues of each individual component which were considered. As for any good business report these components should be structured into sections and sub-sections and the heading for these should be in the Table of Contents. In these individual components, the in-depth discussion of the relevant issues is elaborated based on the existing literature and/or data. You must provide in-text references to your sources. The last section of the report contains a brief summary followed by a complete list of references (Harvard referencing) that are cited in the text of the essay. Follow the standard referencing method consistently.

Suggested Structure and limits are as follows:

Management Summary: ideally one page but no more than two. 500
Sections 1: Introduction 500 words,
Section 2: Main body of the essay consisting of each of the individual components limit each component to approximately 900 words each(3,600 in total)
Sections 3: Conclusions 400 words,
Summary and Complete List of References (5-15 references). (Harvard referencing)
(5,000 words in total)

Topic: Motivation: Content Theories

General Framework

Describe the difference between a content theory and a process theory of motivation citing examples of how some process theories, under criticism, have been reduced to content theories.

Individual Components

Discuss Maslow’s theory and detail the criticisms that have been levelled against it. (900 words)
Discuss Hertzberg’s theory and detail the criticism that have been levelled against it. (900 words)
Discuss McGregor’s theory of work motivation. (900 words)
Behavioural science research expects to be scrutinized and criticism levelled against it. Summarise with examples from Hofstede’s work through to the theories of motivation. (900 words)
(5,000 words in total)

Harvard referencing

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