Discuss national and international ethical frameworks for health care that influence ethicaldecision making in practice;

Determine three differential diagnoses for this case. Your rationale for including these differentials should be based upon the patient’s age, history, and presenting symptoms.
November 16, 2020
How might legal considerations affect the process of making ethical decisions?
November 16, 2020

Discuss national and international ethical frameworks for health care that influence ethicaldecision making in practice;

Students are to review AV resources loaded in their LEO unit Assessment Module. Each A resource features a 5 minute interview of a health professional discussing an ethical issue in clinical practice. For semester two 2014 this topic is on consent.

Students are required to select the AV resource representative of their own health professional discipline and also view a second one to compare and contrast to their own. Similarities and differences between the two interprofessional responses to the given ethical issue are to be identified and students should discuss how the two professions might interact and collaborate in the given ethical issue in practice.

Students need to present an academic essay (not in the first person) that responds to each of the unit Learning Outcomes:

Discuss national and international ethical frameworks for health care that influence ethicaldecision making in practice;
Explain the Code of Ethics relevant to different health disciplines, and identify if there are nosuch Codes and how this may influence decision making and patient care in scenarios
where there is an ethical dilemma.

Differentiate between ethical and legal issues in health care in consenting vulnerablepatients cohorts
Identify social and spiritual factors that influence the health professional values and beliefsin ethical decision making
Apply ethical normative frameworks that a health profesprofessional may appeal to in defending their position, individually and collaboratively, on moral and ethical dilemmas encounteredpractice


OK ‐ So this is a professional interview of a Health Care Professional for HLSC220 Health Care Ethics,

Semester 2, 2014 at ACU. My name is Cameron Peak, I am one of the LICs for this subject and with

me I have Peta Gale. Peter can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Yeah ‐ Hi Cameron, thanks for inviting me.

You’re welcome.

That’s alright. So my name is Peta Gale. I’ve been a registered nurse for 25 years and I’ve worked

almost exclusively in the area of child and adolescent health, so have spent large portions of my

years at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne in the cardiac and renal unit there, looking after

children at the ages from neo‐nates all the way through to young adults. So I’ve had both acute and

chronic experience, it’s just like with children of pretty much every age that exists.

Sure. The purpose of this interview is to be talking about some of the healthcare ethical issues
and considerations put in making a professional practice, and we are going to deal mainly with

consent and informed consent. Can you tell me what you think the key components of informed

consent are in the provision of healthcare?

Yeah, so I see that there are 4 key areas or components to informed consent. There is the

competency of the person who is giving the consent. So obviously if they are not deemed

competent or at a level where they are able to participate in consent. Obviously there’s disclosure

of information so there has to be adequate disclosure of information of a broad range and covering

all aspects. There also has to be understanding by the person who is giving consent, so not only do

they have to be competent they have to be at a level that they can fully understand the information

being given to them in a reasonable fashion. And there is the decision component to actually have

consent. There are other areas in the area of paediatrics

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