discuss what the law requires to make a contract

Risk in a systems analysis and design project
August 13, 2019
Describe what Romans 1-8 teaches regarding natural world, human identity, human relations, and culture
August 13, 2019

discuss what the law requires to make a contract

Think back on a time when a friend , colleague or business associate promised or a agreed to do something but did not follow though. For example, did someone agree to sell you something but at the last minute changed the price, or perhaps someone agrees to perform a service, but then never did so?. Do a summary that describe a situation where a promise was broken. Next, debate why the facts you presented did or did not meet the legal requirement for a contract. Justify your respond

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Describe a time when a promise was broken. Provide enough details to all proper discussion.
Provide a discussion of the facts and determine weather or not this met the legal requirement for contract. . You must discuss what the law requires to make a contract, potential defense, and areas where situation is strong and where it weak. Debate both sides
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