Discuss why healthcare workers, patients, and visitors should

What type of provider (hospital, nursing home, doctor, dentist, etc.) will be involved in your case?
November 30, 2020
Discuss the impact of ACA. 4. Make clear recommendations as appropriate for meeting the health delivery challenges of the BR
November 30, 2020

Discuss why healthcare workers, patients, and visitors should

Staff Affects Physician Practice Image

Mark was waiting to be seen by his physician in a multispecialty

physician office practice. As Mark was waiting to see his physician, he

observed a woman, most likely in her late 70s, limping into the office.

She had a large leg brace that ran from her thigh to the calf of her leg.

She struggled to push her husband in a wheelchair into the office. She

carefully parked the wheelchair and approached the check-in counter.

She apologized for being late for her appointment as she was late

getting out of another physician’s office. The patient was told, “You are

late for your appointment. The office has a 15-minute late arrival rule.

You will have to reschedule your appointment.” She apologized for being

late but said that she did tell the office staff she would be late. She was

then told, “You can wait, and I will try to squeeze you into the schedule,

but I don’t know how long you will have to wait.” The lady said, “I don’t

want to bother anyone. I will reschedule my appointment.” She was

directed around the corner to another desk to reschedule her

appointment. Mark got up out of his chair, walked over to the scheduler,

and said, “I don’t believe this. Her husband is sitting in a wheelchair, and

she is having difficulty walking. She can have my appointment, and I can

reschedule.” The lady suddenly turned to Mark and gave him a big hug.

The scheduler asked, “Who is your physician?” Mark told her, and she

said, “I am sorry, but this lady has a different physician.” The lady, now

a bit teary eyed, continued to reschedule her appointment.


1. Mark saw what he perceived to be a wrong and tried to make a right.

Discuss his actions.

2. Discuss why healthcare workers, patients, and visitors should

consider themselves, when appropriate, patient advocates.

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