Employee Engagement Survey Paper

Employee Engagement Survey Paper

In any organization, employee engagement is one of the most significant business aspects. For good running of an organization it is paramount that the employees be committed to its success. Moreover, if employees aren’t fully engaged, a firm may record limited success and low performance. Thus, an organization needs to put in place structures that help identify employee’s engagement (Kang & Sung, 2017). Such structures will help in the communication of any challenges that the employees face and thus tackle them.

The data from the employment engagement survey of Metro Dental Services depicts that the firm has favorable working condition. The health organization working condition is more than 70%, a figure that reflects high employee engagement. Additionally, the orientation quality of the company is also above 70%. Further, the employees confer that the organization’s strategies for employee training and empowerment is favorable, which can translate to high employee motivation. Nonetheless, for better scores, the organization’s employees need to know the exact objectives and goals and how the same align with their individual development.

Other than employee training to improve engagement, the leaders of the organization should also get the relevant training (Albrecht et al., 2018). This will help improve employee engagement as well as help the leaders of the organization do their managerial roles better. Therefore, managers and leaders at Metro Dental Services should get additional training to assist them recognize best measures to improve engagement and motivate employees. Celebrating high scores is significant in improving employee engagement hence the need to identify quality operations and good teamwork (Nazir & Islam, 2017). Employees can be offered the opportunity to enjoy paid vacations by the organization to show appreciation for their commitment to organization’s success. Such action will subsequently improve employee engagement.

As portrayed by the employee engagement data, Metro Dental Services is an organization with a good work environment. However, as it looks into innovative approaches of maintaining the high scores, it should celebrate the role played by the employees. Communication channels for employees should be kept open for better employee engagement. In the end, it is the organization that will benefit from better employee performance.


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