Explain the health problem specific to the selected population.

Discuss projections and trends in the supply of registered nurses. What do the projections and trends tell us about the nursing shortage?
November 18, 2020
What conflict management or leadership expertise would you need to successfully defend your findings
November 18, 2020

Explain the health problem specific to the selected population.

Using the information from this course, your assigned readings, and the article and websites linked below you will develop a 6-10 page

paper (excludes cover and reference page) addressing obesity and the role of the professional nurse in addressing teaching and learning

needs of patient(s) and families.
Article: You “Teach” BUT Does Your Patient REALLY Learn? Basic Principles to Promote Safer Outcomes

�Centers for Disease Control and Prevention � Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity
�Centers for Disease Control and Prevention � Adolescent and School Health
�United States Department of Health and Human Services � Dietary Guidelines.gov
�United States Department of Health and Human Services � Healthy People.gov (select information from the 2020 topics and objectives)
The paper consists of two parts and must be submitted by the close of week seven. Each part must be a minimum of 3 pages and must

include the following:

Part 1

Select either adult obesity or childhood obesity and:

�Explain the health problem specific to the selected population.
�Examine the causative factors (include both physical and psychological factors).
�Elaborate on the consequences of obesity in the population you selected. Consider the consequences in terms of physical, social and

psychological effects. Discuss whether the effect(s) would be classified as short term or long term.
Part 2

Develop a teaching plan to support the needs of the patient population you selected. You may choose to develop a teaching plan for an

individual or a group. Refer to the �Teacher and Counselor� chapter in Taylor et al Fundamentals of Nursing textbook and the article

�You teach but does your patient really learn? Basic principles to promote safer outcomes� in order to address the following points:

�How will you assess the patient or group�s learning needs? Be sure to consider barriers in your response.
�What are the expected outcomes? Include realistic time frames.
�What information will you teach the patient or group and why are you selecting this information? Be sure to consider age, gender,

culture, religious preferences and learning style.
�How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching?

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