Identify the implications of the affirmative and negative position for advanced professional nursing practice.

How should the organization determine which product lines ought to maintain separate identities as part of the matrix design?
November 17, 2020
What drug classification is it? Explain why midazolam was prescribed.
November 17, 2020

Identify the implications of the affirmative and negative position for advanced professional nursing practice.

Health Care System and Professional Role Development
NRSG 5118
Debate Guidelines

Definition: Debate is defined as a presentation of a reasonable argument and a conscientious search for truth. A debate is a formal contest of argumentation in which two opposing teams defend and attack a given proposition.

Purpose: To provide the student an opportunity to organize formally the evidence and argument in support of either the affirmative or negative response to a proposition.

Objective: Students, working in groups of two, will prepare to debate an issue with one student assuming the affirmative position and one student assuming the negative position.

Debate Assignment Participation:
The instructor will assign working groups for this assignment. Each group will sign up for the module in which they would like to submit their debate assignment in the Introduction Module of the course. Debates will begin in Module 4 and continue through Module 11. Please do not select to present in Modules 1-3.
You will need to submit your proposed debate topic via the drop box for approval.

Module assignments are given on a first come, first served basis. The debate must pertain to the topics covered in the chosen module. For example, if your team selects to present in Module 6, your debate will focus on issues related to health care costs.

The debate group will submit their assignment to the appropriate discussion forum by noon on Monday of the week selected. All other students must download the group’s presentation, review the presentation using slideshow, and post comments or questions about the presentation in the discussion forum. All other students must also complete an evaluation of the group’s assignment after they have reviewed it and submit the review to the drop box in that module. Please do not submit your evaluation as an attachment but paste it into the body of the message.

It is important to start early on this assignment. Two weeks prior to the date of your debate, the team will post a Word or PDF full text copy of 4 articles related to the debate topic (2 articles pro and 2 articles con) in the proper discussion forum for the module. Documents are posted early to allow other students ample time to read them and formulate discussion questions as part of the debate.

Presentation Guidelines:
The presentation should be supported by facts and should be done with regard to the opposing arguments in mind in preparation for refutation. Each student, representing a side of the argument, will present a power point presentation with notes on the bottom to be posted in Discussion. The other class members will be invited to ask questions. The questions should be directed to a specific side of the issue, and should be related to a point presented in the presentation and based on concepts in the readings. Post such as “great ideas”, I agree”, “we have this problem at my facility as well” are not acceptable and result in the loss of participation points. The question will be answered by the presenter, and the opposing side will have the opportunity to refute the point with facts.

SUGGESTED outline for preparation for debate

1. State the proposition.
2. Prepare an expository introduction, which includes:
a) a statement that indicates the timeliness of the proposition and the circumstances that suggest its importance.
b) background information tracing why and how the proposition evolved and the circumstances leading up to its emergence.
c) definition of the critical terms in the proposition.
d) issues inherent in the proposition. (each issue must be addressed by the supporters of the proposition).
3. Present the essence of the argument, including all the major contentious and proofs to be advanced in support of the affirmative and negative position. All evidence must be documented and well organized.
4. Identify the implications of the affirmative and negative position for advanced professional nursing practice.
5. Prepare a conclusion demonstrating that, as a result of the documented proof in support each contention, the affirmative/negative position should be accepted.

Health Care System and Professional Role Development
NRSG 5118
Grading Criteria for Group Debate: Presentation

I. Fulfills responsibilities prior to presentation 15
a. assign reading assignment to class two weeks prior to the presentation
b. reference readings are recent, within the past five years
c. reference readings congruent with topic selected
II. Presentation 60
a. Objectives are met
b. Content areas are adequately addressed
c. Notes are written without typos or errors in grammar
d. Power point slides are easy to read
e. Class members are engaged in discussion
f. Presenters address class questions in a timely manner.
g. Presenters address class questions with clear, correct information

III. Reflection of Presentation Effort 15
This is due one week after the posting of the debate Post a maximum of one page self -evaluation of your presentation including the following aspects :

a. participation as a team mate
b. performance as a presenter
c. quality of group discussion
d. identification of areas for future development as a presenter

IV. Class evaluation average of debate 10

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