Identify the intended outcomes and justify their significance, (and why the outcome is important).

.Describe the key health issues.Identify community health partnerships used during this period of time.
December 6, 2020
Analyze the marketing environment, including the macroenvironmental factors. Outline what environmental factors you should be aware of and how you will adjust accordingly.
December 6, 2020

Identify the intended outcomes and justify their significance, (and why the outcome is important).

have to select an area of my professional practice and write a 2000 word contextual analysis of the environmental factors, internal and external, which are driving significant, possibly transformational, change. my analysis should consider:

• Identification, discussion and analysis of internal and external environmental factors driving change within specific area of professional practice.

? The impact of changes in socio-economic trends on my area of practice

? The impact of Government health, social care or regulatory policy on my area of practice

? The impact of technological developments on my area of practice

? The impact of local / organizational policy on my area of practice

? Analysis of impact on professional practice- use of tools recommended to inform analysis:

Current analysis – updated if relevant.
Discussion of figures ( multiple tools to identify the key forces put them in figure).
• Summary of combined impact of factors and implications for change.
? The discussion in Part A must be evidenced based discussion, synthesis of ideas, logical argument development and clear setting of context for part B.

It is good practice to briefly summarise the combined impact of the forces discussed on my professional practice and the implications for change at the end of Part A.

Adopting the role of internal change agent, I am required to demonstrate through this part of the assessment my ability to:

? Type of change: fundamental – transformation.

? Identify an area of professional practice, which warrants innovative change or intervention

? Succinctly discuss the essence of the change required with attention to theory (scope and type of change, and the approach to be adopted)

? Develop a rationale for the required change drawing from both theory and practice

? Identify the intended outcomes and justify their significance, (and why the outcome is important).

? Present the design for change and justify its suitability and need (in diagram is better, phase one, phase 2), with attention to robust relevant theoretical support (in this work I am not expected to provide any financial information although there should be some general consideration of resource requirements)

? Critically analyze my design for change including its potential limitations, risks and challenges, and recommend appropriate proposals to minimize potential threats to success and support strategies to enhance successful implementation of the proposed change. The analysis must be supported by relevant theory. Well structured with logical argument development.

? Demonstrate attention to evidence based discussion and robust theoretical support from the change literature, with attention to currency, quantity and quality of sources.

? Demonstrate sophisticated understanding of theory, policy and professional practice evidenced by synthesis of ideas and concepts and context sensitive application of theory and policy to practice.

The entire discussion in Part B should draw from the breadth of the change and appropriate leadership literature and evidence knowledge and understanding of the theory, synthesis of ideas and sensitivity to the case context and forces driving change.
In my organization this is the change which will take place:
King Faisal Specialist Hospital is one of the premier healthcare organizations in the Middle East providing the highest level of specialized healthcare in an integrated educational and research setting. As a tertiary healthcare organization in modern world, it continues to strive for excellence in order to meet and exceed the expectation of its sophisticated consumers. The need for change, in its documentation process, becomes critical issue and on other hand managing this change becomes essential for everyone . Planning for organization to understand the barrier or roadblocks presented within each department is observed to be essential . The Physical Therapy department as an integral part of in this the organization, is mandated to upgrade its technology consistent with similar premier healthcare institution. A recent change in our organization is the transition to electronic documentation from the old paper documentation system.

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