Inmate management, education and death notices

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August 13, 2019
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August 13, 2019

Inmate management, education and death notices

Inmate management, education and death notices

Imagine that a new education program was created to service inmates who do not hold a high school diploma. The inmate population is approximately 1500 on any given day, and only 10 percent are serving life sentences. The majority of inmates will be released within 3 years, and the average age of the inmate population is 19.

Since this is not a mandatory program, how should programmers determine the number of General Education Development (GED) instructors to hire?

What factors should be considered in determining the number of instructors hired to staff the education program? Should there be any restrictions in terms of inmate eligibility?

Read the procedures in the inmate death notification policy.

Inmate Death Notification

Procedures (steps to be taken) when an inmate dies while in the custody of the Department of Corrections:

Contact the media to inform the public about the death
Contact the next of kin
Report the death to the Department of Corrections for record-keeping purposes
What are the important procedures to be considered for the policy on inmate death notification? Why? Are there any procedures you believe have been omitted in the policy above? Are there other critical elements that should be included in the procedures above?
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