marketing student expectations

Explain the importance of being able to identify problems and causes of behavior using theoretical models.
August 16, 2019
The Importance of Social Media and Web Analytics
August 16, 2019

marketing student expectations

Article review on marketing student expectations

Here is some question that I dont know how to answer, are there any one could help me to answer the following question,
1, explain and explore the objectives of the study, its underlying methodological assumptions and how the analysis undertaken helps achieve research objectives. identify and discuss limitations

2.what contribution to knowledge does the author seek to make.

3. how does the author arrive at his research objectives. what methodology does the author employ to achieve these objective.

4. what philosophical assumptions underpin the use of this methodology.

5. what are the strengths and limitations of the article. consider the merits and limitations of (1) theory as well as (2) methodology

6. how do the main arguments made in the article relate to the wider literature.

These questions is important for me to understand the article deeply. Many thanks. πŸ™‚

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