There are many differences when it comes to writing expectations between disciplines. However, all scholarly work writers are usually required to follow the basic writing standards, which feature; writing clear, concise, and grammatically correct sentences, using proper writing styles such as APA, adequate punctuation, and demonstrating critical thought. When writing nursing assignments, students must also be familiar with the nursing discipline goals and discipline-specific writing expectations. Nursing students/ nurses are primarily concerned with providing quality care to patients and their families, which demands an understanding of technical knowledge and expression of ideas, requiring them to present information succinctly.

Writing a nursing assignment.

Writing a nursing assignment requires students to have proper knowledge and skill to deliver all information through a written assignment. Nursing assignments are based on specific topics in nursing, while some may cut through several issues altogether. In the first step, you must understand the problem that the question seeks to address, which can be done by writing down some descriptors or keywords relevant to the topic. Many nursing students fail in their nursing assignments due to a lack of a clear understanding of the subject to address.

Most assignment tasks given will use a set of common instructions. As a nursing student, you should read these instructions carefully and be able to interpret the directive verbs used, such as:

Define: to state or describe precisely nature, scope, or meaning.

Describe: give a detailed account in the word.

Discuss: write about (a topic) in detail, taking into account different issues or ideas.

Evaluate: make an assessment based on pre-established criteria. May also include giving your own opinion.

Examine: Present in-depth analysis and investigate the implications.

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