Introduction and Purpose

The profession of a nurse is to take care and look after patients in a hospital. Nurses, therefore, are people who are trained and specialized in the field of medical education. Nursing relates to an independent profession of science. It is part of an integrated health care system that includes a couple of activities such as promoting health, providing patients with psychological and emotional support, and preventing disease.  Nurses must use their skills, expertise, knowledge, and sense to diagnose and plan the patient’s treatment.  A nursing skills inventory is used to assess a nurse’s progress and know the various dimensions of the nurse’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

For a nursing manager, the tool captures the behavior and skills envisioned for a successful manager. It allows the nurse manager to perform a self-evaluation paired with the nurse manager supervisor’s assessment to create a personalized professional development plan.

To the student, the purpose of this tool is to help keep a record of skills performed. This can be used in assessment and planning the various clinical rotations to increase skills acquisition, confidence, and competence and facilitate personalized learning/ teaching throughout the clinical education process.

Main areas of concern

  • Personal and professional accountability

Refers to personal growth and development, professional association involvement, ethical behavior, and practice certification.

  • Personal growth and development

Includes; advancement in education, continuing education, planning career, and yearly self-assessment and action plans.

  • Professional association involvement

Includes; membership and participation in any professional association that enhances networking and professional development.

  • Ethical behavior and practice

This relates to any practice that supports the standard of nursing and the scope of practice.

  • Career planning

Relates to; positioning yourself, knowing your future, knowing your role.


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