Sociology and psychology Sample Paper

Sociology and psychology Sample Paper

People are studied scientifically both in psychology and sociology. Both domains give researchers a better understanding of human characteristics like emotions, relations, and actions. Verbal and written communication, interpersonal connections, research, listening, and observation are all required in each. The ultimate goal in both sectors is to improve the lives of people and contribute to the advancement of society.

The study of human social interactions and organizations is known as sociology. Aids in comprehending how cultural and social systems shape and are influenced by human activity and consciousness. Sociology provides a unique and insightful perspective on the social current world and how it shapes our lives. It includes the biological, social, and environmental elements that influence how people think, behave, and feel.

Sociology’s overall goal is to gain knowledge regarding society and improve man’s adjustment to life by producing objective knowledge about social phenomena that can be used to successfully deal with social problems (Wilson, 2017).  It sees society as a framework with interconnected elements meant that Individuals in that society at large genetic and environmental demands, just as the different systems of the body help to maintain the body running, so do the various sections of society. (McCormack et al.,2018).

The scientific study of the human mind and behavior is known as psychology. It is the analysis of the mind, how it functions, and how it influences behavior. Psychology’s fundamental goals are to define, describe, predict other people’s conduct and mental states can be influenced. Most of psychology’s greatest important application focus on protecting people from bodily and cognitive harm while simultaneously giving them the cognitive skills they will need cope with the emotional risks they face every day. (Chaudhary, 2020).

Psychology aids especially in big extent because it explains why people act the way they do. With such professional expertise, a psychologist may assist to enhance their decision-making, emotional regulation, and behavior by researching past behavior and anticipating future behavior. This can help you have a more productive career, have healthier relationships, have more self-confidence, and improved communication (Keith, 2019).

People are influenced by their surroundings, and we are the outcome of what we have acquired from our surroundings. This is interested in how stimuli (environmental elements) influence apparent behavior (the response). The unconscious part of the brain and our childhood experiences shape our conduct. As a result, events from our childhood might have a big impact on our adult conduct. The inner sentiments and self-image of an individual influence his conduct.


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